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Oops! We made a big mistake. Free Sloppy Joe, anyone?

April 9, 2021

We made a mistake. Oops! And, there’s no shame in admitting it.

You see, we have a problem. There’s simply too much ground beef. So, the Miller’s team started brainstorming. What can we do with all that ground beef? 

Eureka! The farmer saw “Sloppy Joe” on the processor’s menu. So, he had some made. 

Here’s where the trouble started. When we got the Sloppy Joe back, the team noticed the not-so-great ingredients in it.

Oh boy it has corn syrup, natural flavoring, caramel color, and sulfating agent (whatever that is). Yikes! That is definitely not up to our synthetic-free standards. It’s so sad that those ingredients were added to our wonderful, humanely raised, 100% grass fed, all natural ground beef.

This is absolutely 100% our fault. We should have done thorough research before ordering. Instead, we were sloppy (pun intended).

Now, we have a second problem. At Miller’s Bio Farm, we have a zero food waste policy. Seriously, nothing gets wasted. So what do we do with all that Sloppy Joe!?

We initially decided to put it on the store with a BIG note about the ingredients. We sold a few pints. But after a short week, we felt so guilty about selling this to our awesome customers, we decided to take it down. 

Now the Sloppy Joe is sitting in the freezer. We simply can’t let it go to waste. So… we’re giving the Sloppy Joe away for FREE. That’s right. FREE!

There’s a max of 5 pints per order. And, you’ll need to meet your order minimum (if you have one) to get it. 

I’ve personally tasted the Sloppy Joe, and it is delicious. Tastes just like you’d expect this American classic to taste. It’s traditionally eaten on a burger bun but also can be creatively used in casseroles or soups.

Sadly, it’s simply not up to the standards I prefer for my family. 

But hey, everyone deserves to enjoy a pizza night once in a while, right?

Or maybe you know a family in need who would really benefit from a free ready made meal?

Or it could be a gift for someone who follows a conventional diet?

No matter how you use it, we’d love your help not letting the Sloppy Joe go to waste. Anyone up for the challenge?

PS: You might be thinking, I love Sloppy Joe - why don’t you make it with better ingredients? Just sub maple syrup for corn syrup and omit the weird additives. Oh how I wish it was that simple. Maybe it’s because processors are stuck in their ways or maybe it’s because navigating the USDA’s rules is confusing... either way, it’s complicated. We’re working on it, but it will undoubtedly take time.

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