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Why transparency in food is super important to Miller's.

January 21, 2022

Why transparency? Why is this something Miller’s Bio Farm believes in so strongly? Let’s see if I can explain…

Miller’s Bio Farm believes that personal choice is paramount. What you put into your body is your choice

And, no judgment here. Seriously. You can drink raw milk or diet soda… whatever makes you feel good. Everyone is at a different point on their food journey.

Here’s the short version of my story. There was a time when I really didn’t know much about my food. I trusted “the system”. Ignorance is bliss, right?

But then, I started to learn and question… which of course led to more learning and questioning. I came to my own conclusions about what diet was right for my family. Then, I had to figure out where to find the foods that aligned with my values. 

This is when I got frustrated. In my hunt for food sources, some answers I simply couldn’t get answers for. “We don’t know,” they said. “It’s proprietary,” they said. 

You can read the story about my interaction with Trader Joe’s about free-range chicken here.

Greenwashed labels, companies that protect their recipes, policies that deem certain foods “unsafe” or “unfit for human consumption”, lab-produced ingredients, etc… I felt like the food world was like an eerie sci-fi story come to life.

I was sad. I needed those answers to really know if certain foods were a good choice for my family.

I didn’t give up, because I knew what I was looking for must exist. I mean, clean nutrient-dense foods have been around for thousands of years. I needed to find companies that value transparency and aligned with my beliefs. Otherwise, how would I be able to feel confident in my choices?

Miller’s understands this dilemma. 

At Miller's Bio Farm, we choose to provide you with as much information about our products and practices as we can. This is so that you can make educated decisions.

Another term for this is informed consent. In other words, anytime you eat food, you are granting yourself permission with the knowledge of the possible consequences. This term is typically used in medical decisions, but food affects your health, right?

Miller’s Bio Farm does its very best to cut through the noise for our customers. If we don’t know an answer, we’ll try our best to find out. If we find a not-so-great answer, we’ll try to affect change.

We have so much information on our website and in our product descriptions. And, we’re always happy to help answer any questions our amazing customers have.

What’s important to you when it comes to food choices? What unanswered questions do you have?

I'd love to hear from you. Comment below or contact us.

Marie Reedell

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