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Homemade Kefir

November 17, 2023 • 0 comments

Homemade Kefir
Dive into the world of fermentation with our Homemade Kefir, a probiotic-rich, tangy beverage made from just milk and kefir grains. This easy recipe unlocks the secrets of traditional kefir, offering a refreshing, slightly effervescent drink that's not only delicious but also beneficial for gut health.
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 4



1. Add kefir grains to a clean glass jar with milk. Make sure there is about 1 inch of room at the top of the jar.

2. Place a lid on top of the jar, but do not tighten.

3. Place the jar in a warm spot in the kitchen (not in direct sunlight) for 24 hours.

4. The kefir will be ready when it is slightly thickened and starts to smell fermented.

5. Tighten the lid and shake well.

6. Place a stainless steel strainer over a glass jar and strain the kefir into the jar.

7. Refrigerate for 6 hours.

8. Serve with your favorite seasonal fruits.

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