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1 - 8oz A2/A2 Cinnamon Ghee

1 - 8oz A2/A2 Cinnamon Ghee

Pasteurized Cow

Flavor-Infused! Buttery, Roasted, Nutty Ghee with Cinnamon.

Also called clarified butter, ghee is butter that has had the milk fats strained off and the water evaporated. The result? Clear, rich ghee.

Ghee has a higher smoke point which makes it perfect for searing meat or roasting vegetables with sea salt. Having a high healthy fat content, ghee can decrease the risk of heart disease.

Our cinnamon ghee is just what it sounds like. It's ghee mixed with cinnamon! It's delicious straight out of the jar, but adding herbs to ghee allows the flavor to instantly penetrate the food when cooking.

Here are some delicious cooking suggestions:

  • Use as a finishing glaze on salmon, pork tenderloin, or other meats.
  • Add to apple or pear pie crust or filling.
  • Slather over toast, bagels, muffins, pancakes, or waffles.
  • Melt on baked sweet potatoes and yams.
  • Add a dollop to butternut squash soup.
  • Roast carrots, parsnips, beets and brussels.
  • Jazz up your oatmeal.
  • Drop in coffee, tea, or milk.
  • Use in a marinade.


About our A2/A2 cow dairy

All of our cows are genetically tested and have a 100% A2/A2 protein profile.

All of our raw cow dairy is 100% grass fed. In the warmer months, our cows are fed fresh chemical-free grass. They are moved to fully grown, fresh pasture 3 times per day. In the colder months, our cows’ diet is supplemented with alfalfa hay and an organic nutrient blend – never grain of any kind.

Our cows are never given antibiotics or hormones. If needed, our cows receive homeopathic treatments.


Honest Disclosure: Milking equipment is cleaned with a bleach solution. This is part of our milk safety protocols. It is flushed with very hot water afterwards, so, if there were any residue, it would be in trace amounts.