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1 pint - 100% A2/A2 Heritage Half & Half

1 pint - 100% A2/A2 Heritage Half & Half

Pasteurized Cow

ORIGIN's Half & Half offers the perfect blend of milk and cream. Pure, rich, and completely free of additives or artificial ingredients. Made from the milk of heritage breeds like Guernsey and Jersey cows, it brings just the right amount of creamy goodness. It's the top pick for our Miller's Bio Farm family and is sure to take your cup of joe – or any culinary creation – to the next level.

Need the Nitty Gritty Details?

Half & half should last about 10 days after you receive it. Each container comes with a best by date to help guide you. But, of course, once it's opened there are so many variables that can affect shelf life (time out of the fridge, contaminants getting in, etc).

Make sure to keep your half & half in the back of the fridge on the bottom shelf. That's where the temperatures stay cool and consistent, creating the ideal environment to maintain the freshness of your half & half.

By keeping it at the back, away from any temperature fluctuations, you're ensuring that every drop remains as delicious as the first!

Can I freeze half & half?
You can absolutely freeze half & half, but some may notice a change in texture and consistency, and some don't. It may be clumpy and need to be shaken to recombine. We recommend starting with a small amount to test before freezing lots of half & half to see if you notice a taste difference.

You can freeze cream for up to 6 months. Store it on its side, and make sure there’s at least 2” of head space to account for any expansion.

Note: The longer it's frozen, the more noticeable the changes.
Besides coffee, try half & half in your creamy soups for a touch of richness, blend it into smoothies for extra creaminess, or add it to your scrambled eggs for a fluffy breakfast treat.
What is half & half?
Half & half is a blend of equal parts cream and skim milk.
ORIGIN uses low-heat VAT pasteurization for their dairy products. The milk is slowly heated to 145°F (the lowest temperature allowed), then held at that temperature for 30 minutes, and then immediately cooled down.

This method ensures that the half & half is as nutrient-rich as possible and that the flavor is top-notch. Plus, they never homogenize their half & half.

ORIGIN crafts their half & half with a special touch. First, they use a cream separator to divide the cream from the pasteurized milk. Then, they combine the skim milk with the cream, resulting in their signature half & half - a delightful balance of creamy richness and smooth lightness.
This half & half is not from our farm. It's from a local farm that practices in the same ways that we do. The half & half is pasteurized, which means that microorganisms, fatty acids, and minerals are altered.

The half & half is packaged in HDPE plastic, which is the most environmentally stable of all plastics. It does not contain BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, harmful fumes, or allergens. But all plastic has the potential to leach chemicals.