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1 quart - A2/A2 Cow Kefir (Glass)

1 quart - A2/A2 Cow Kefir (Glass)

Pasteurized Cow

Smooth with a probiotic boost

A good source of gut-boosting probiotics, vitamins and minerals!

A great go-to snack or quick breakfast. Made from A2/A2 milk from Jersey or Jersey-cross cows, this kefir can be enjoyed on its own as a beverage or used in a variety of sweet or savory ways.


About our A2/A2 cow dairy

All of our cows are genetically tested and have a 100% A2/A2 protein profile.

All of our cow dairy is 100% grass fed. In the warmer months, our cows are fed fresh chemical-free grass. They are moved to fully grown, fresh pasture 3 times per day. In the colder months, our cows’ diet is supplemented with alfalfa hay and an organic nutrient blend – never grain of any kind.

Our cows are never given antibiotics or hormones. If needed, our cows receive homeopathic treatments.


Minimally processed & lightly pasteurized

We believe that dairy is best in its natural state.

The milk used to make the kefir is non-homogenized. It's said that non-homogenized milk has a naturally sweeter, richer flavor compared to homogenized milk. It's also said that making kefir with non-homogenized milk gives it a more silky texture.

We use low-temperature pasteurization. The milk is pumped into a temperature controlled vat and heated slowly to ~180°F. Then, it's cooled to room temp, cultured, cooled, and packaged.


Honest Disclosure: The milk used to make this yogurt is pasteurized, which means that microorganisms, fatty acids, and minerals are altered. 



Pasteurized whole A2/A2 milk, freeze dried powder culture.
Contains a proprietary blend of freeze-dried mesophilic starter cultures, Lactobacilli and yeast (Kluyveromyces marxianus)