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8oz Goat Plain Yogurt Cheese

8oz Goat Plain Yogurt Cheese

Raw Goat

A wonderfully mild kid-friendly goat cheese

Creamy, soft, and easy on the palate

Eat it in cubes, a great on the go snack. Melt in a grilled cheese sandwich or make a comforting mac and cheese. Grate it and put it in a salad.


About our A2 cheese:

Made in small batches from raw, fresh, unprocessed, pastured goat milk. No chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs.

Misty Creek Goat Dairy is a local Amish farm. After an apprenticeship to learn the craft of cheese making, the family-owned business began making handcrafted goat cheese in small, artisan batches. The cheeses have a European touch, inspired by Europe with our own identity added to them to satisfy all types of palates.

The cheese is made with vegetable rennet.

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