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Make a fabulous blue cheese burger

July 24, 2020

I am very much enjoying my grill this summer. In my area, it’s been mostly HOT with not much rain. Perfect grilling weather!

Burgers are so darn quick and easy and typically please even the pickiest eaters. It’s always good to know your family will eat the food you’ve thoughtfully sourced and mindfully prepared. And, we all know burgers are great for gatherings.

The only problem with burgers is that they can get a little boring. So, why not dress it up once in a while?

There are so many ways to elevate a burger. This week, I’d like to touch on my husband’s favorite - a fabulous blue cheese burger!

And, I mean, how can you go wrong? The base is made with juicy 100% grass fed beef, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and conjugated linoleic acids. Then you layer in the flavors - the umami blue cheese flavor, tangy spicy dijon mustard, sweet onions, and pungent garlic. 

An interesting side note about blue cheese - it was discovered by accident! 

In the early Middle Ages, all cheese was aged in caves and was naturally susceptible to all kinds of molds. One cheese turned a bluish green color and, to the villagers surprise, it tasted great and they decided to make some more.

I know that the powerful flavor of blue cheese is not for everyone. If you prefer a milder flavor, I recommend subbing with feta or chevre.

Check out the Blue Cheese Burger Recipe

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