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FREEdom Sausage Giveaway

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Get FREE sausages in honor of the 4th of July holiday and your food freedom!

1- Limit 2 of each type of sausage per person.
2- Regular delivery terms and order minimums apply.
3- One weekend only! Giveaway ends on Sunday 6/26.

Help the farm get rid of our overstock of sausages. Share the delicious love with family and friends.

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⭐ 🎉 ✨ 🎉 ⭐

Order now to get FREEdom sausages. Giveaway ends on Sunday 6/26.

⭐ 🎉 ✨ 🎉 ⭐

Free sausages? Why in the world would we do this!? Well, the short answer is that we have too much ground beef and pork. The long answer is that the farm really wanted to keep all the different cuts of meat in stock. We want to be a reliable food source for you. But, given that there’s only so many steaks, roasts, and organs on each animal, we ended up with waaaaaay too much trim and ground meat.
Then comes the problem solving. We thought, we’ll never sell this much ground meat as just ground meat. Let’s spice up people’s culinary lives and make it into sausages instead. Now we have waaaaay too many sausages.

We definitely don’t want all this food to go to waste. So, more problem solving. We’re giving sausages away. That's right, FREE!

This is in honor of the 4th of July. We're honoring your FREEdom to make food choices for your body.

It’s our hope that we can help support your family (and we know times are tough now). And, we’re also hoping that you’ll spread the love of real farm food and tell your friends and family about it.