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Countdown to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Nutrient dense & Chemical-free
Soy-free & Corn-free

Delivered frozen
Order on demand


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All Natural Thanksgiving Turkey

About our birds:

Traditional "white" breed

Our birds are an old fashioned (but not heirloom) breed. We choose them because they have nice sized breasts ;)

Pasture raised

Our turkeys are raised at Miller's Bio Farm. They roam free (with a guard dog) and are moved to free pasture often.

Fed an organic soy-free and corn-free turkey feed

It's the best, most natural feed we can get! Find out more about each feed ingredient and where it comes from.

All-natural with nothing added

No antibiotics, no hormones, & no vaccines. No artificial flavors, no colors, no synthetic ingredients, & no preservatives. Can you believe all that stuff can come in a turkey?

Washed in water only

No bleach or citric/lactic acids touch our birds. They're washed in an ice bath made from well water.


How It Works

Order a Turkey

Your turkey will be added to your regular order and delivered on the next available date.

Store a Turkey

Turkeys are delivered frozen. You can thaw them in the fridge or in a bowl of cold water a few days before Thanksgiving.

Enjoy a Turkey

Share your delicious nutrient-dense turkey on Thanksgiving... or anytime!

Notify me when more turkeys and turkey parts come in stock!

Order anytime before November 12 to definitely get a turkey in time for Thanksgiving!


Don't need a whole turkey? Turkey cuts will be available with more coming before Thanksgiving!