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Produce (Fresh and Fermented): Fresh

From Chemical-Free and Nutrient-Rich Soil.
Unwaxed and All Natural.

Fresh produce is typically loaded on Monday and Thursday.

To ensure you get the produce you want, it's best to shop for produce closer to your order deadline. You can order anytime, but the best days to order produce with the biggest selection are Tuesday and Friday for your upcoming delivery.

A little tip - you can place an order anytime and add produce later.

1lb - Red Beets

Certified organic - Grown in NC | (size varies, 2-10 per lb)

1 head - Celery

Certified Organic - Grown in FL

8oz - Ginger

Certified organic - Grown in Peru

1lb - Yellow Onions

Certified organic - Grown in PA | (1-3 per pound)

1lb - Red Onions

Certified organic - Grown in TX | (1-3 per pound)