Happy Memorial Day & Pentecost! Because of the holidays, we'll be accepting late orders on Monday 5/29. If you need to edit your subscription order after the deadline, please email the farm 😊

Produce (Fresh and Fermented)

From Chemical-Free and Nutrient-Rich Soil.
Unwaxed and All Natural.

Fresh produce is typically loaded on Wednesday.

To ensure you get the produce you want, the best days to order are Wednesday-Sunday for delivery the following week.

A little tip - you can place an order anytime and add produce later.

1lb - Red Radishes

Transitional - Grown in PA (6-15 per pound)

1lb - Yellow Squash

Certified organic - Grown in FL | (about 2-3 per lb)

1lb - Green Zucchini

Certified organic - Grown in FL | (about 1-3 per lb)