A2 beef vs A2 dairy. What's the difference? One doesn't even exist in the US. LEARN MORE HERE.

The Saddest Part about our Amazing Cottage Cheese

It’s no secret. Our bestselling raw cottage cheese is freaking awesome. It’s a special recipe developed by the farmer’s wife that crafts a super creamy, small curd, spreadable soft cheese. Our cottage cheese is perfect for smearing on bread, piling on top of a bowl of fresh fruit, enjoying as a dessert with some dark chocolate hazelnut butter, or simply spooning into your mouth on its own. There are endless mouthwatering possibilities.

Sour Milk and Clabber

Last week, my family ended up with some sour milk. So... I decided to make some clabber (for those who may not know, clabber is raw milk that has naturally clotted or curdled). I divided the milk amongst two 1⁄2 gallon mason jars, topped them with a clean cloth, and secured the cloth with a rubber band. Then, I put it on the kitchen counter and promptly forgot about it.

Farm Visit Feedback

I visited the farm yesterday. As always, it was a joy. I saw the shiny new barn in progress, helped milk the cows and said hi to the many pregnant ladies, took a hair sample for A1/A2 genetic testing, held a cow by her slimy nostrils to give a homeopathic treatment, and had a sit-down meeting with the farmer.

Why is A2 milk better for you?

In 2016, after reading the book Devil in the Milk by Keith Woodford, the farmer became interested in A2/A2 cow’s milk. This interest arose from two experiences: (1) The farmer noticed that the calves fed A2/A2 cow’s milk grew faster and did not get diarrhea; and (2) The . farmer’s baby Hannah was quite unhappy and did not want her homemade formula until the family starting using A2/A2 cow’s milk. After switching to A2/A2 cow’s milk, she immediately took the bottle and was very content and happy!

Pay More Now, Spend Less Later

We all know it. Miller’s Bio Farm food costs more - certainly more than conventional food and sometimes more than organic farm food. We cost more because we produce the most digestible and nutrient-dense food possible. Every aspect of our farming practices is considered to grow the health of our soil, our plants, our animals, our environment, our staff, and our members and their families.

Kefir Second Fermentation

The farm has been exploring different fermented dairy products. Last week I tasted our blueberry kefir for the first time. Normal kefir is not palatable to me (or my kids). However, the blueberry variety is. It’s not just the blueberries and maple syrup. The actual taste of the kefir changed. Of course, this made me curious and want to learn more.

Why and How Kefir Exists?

This week the farm staff developed a new drink: blueberry grain kefir. The farm’s grain kefir is particularly special, because the grains used to make the kefir have been passed from farmer to farmer for generations.

The Amish Frolic

The farmer is remodeling the barn this summer to make new facilities for storage, fermentation, and general food and order preparation. This past Saturday he hosted a frolic to tear down the top of the barn. They got half done on Saturday and finished the rest yesterday. Hard work!