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Healthy Grass Makes Healthy Cows Make Healthy Milk

I had the pleasure of visiting the farm this week and was astounded at how much I learned about our cows and grass. As you know, our cows eat grass. During the warmer months, the grass that they eat is not only green but also fully grown. The farmer moves the cows to a new paddock 3x per day. They waddle into a waste high field of green and begin chowing down.

Tradition and Trend

My mother makes the best pot roast, and I wanted to try to replicate it for my children. So, I called my mom and asked her for the recipe. She started to explain, “First you take the roast, and you cut it in half and put it in the pan...” I interrupted, “But, wait, why do you cut it in half?” My mom told me that she got the recipe from my grandmother, and I should ask her. So, I called my grandmother.