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October 22, 2021
I was misinformed. At some point, I read that raw milk contains lactase. As it turns out, this is not true! It is true that raw milk contains many live enzymes that are inactivated during pasteurization. But, what about lactase? I’ve heard many anecdotal stories from people who are lactose intolerant... but can handle raw milk. If raw milk doesn’t contain lactase, then why is that?
October 15, 2021
As we all well know, inflation is here and is likely to get worse. Ugh. This has kind of crept up on the farm. It’s been slow but is definitely real. This means that our prices will be going up. This has already happened a little bit in certain collections and will likely continue for as long as inflation continues.
October 8, 2021
There are days of astonishment, when we get something back from the processor and we’re surprised to see an ingredient like “spice extractive” or “organic herbs” on the label. What does that mean!? Most of the time, our processors are awesome and simply let us know. Then, we update the product on the website with accurate info. But once in a while, we are sorely disappointed. Sometimes we get the answer, “It’s proprietary.”
October 1, 2021
Miller’s often gets the question, “Do you offer fresh meat?”. This is because there are myths out there that fresh meat is better than frozen meat. One big concern is that frozen meat is less nutritious than fresh meat. Let me dispel this myth for you. There’s a lot of info out about frozen meat. They all seem to agree that, when stored properly, frozen meat has the same nutrition as fresh meat.
September 10, 2021
My family has a chat group. We share photos, life updates, stories… and sometimes we get a good debate going. It was prompted by my sister. She wrote, “Important question! We need you all to settle a dispute. Please let us know your opinion. Is a hot dog a sausage?” Bingggg. Bingggg. Bingggg. Ahhh… the sounds of a chat debate quickly ensued.
September 3, 2021
Leaky gut is a condition where the intestinal lining becomes inflamed and damaged. This allows toxins and bacteria to leak through the walls of the intestines into the bloodstream. In your leaky gut research, you’ll likely find lots of discussion around bone broth. Why? The answer is collagen! Collagen comes from the Greek word “kólla,” which means glue. This is why the gelatin in bone broth is excellent for sealing and healing your gut.
August 20, 2021
The “sell by” date is a pretty new thing. It all started in the 1950s, when one little store started using it. By the 1970s, it was the norm. And today, I dare to say that perishable products without a date somewhere on the package won’t sell nearly as well as those with one. There’s a variety of different wordings for dates that go on food packages. As a consumer, it’s very important to understand the difference between them...
July 30, 2021
The Miller’s team is growing, and it’s quite exciting. For the past 4.5 years, it has been me and me alone answering customer service emails. Alas, the time has come to add some new spirit to the team. This week, I am proud to announce that Sara is joining the customer service team!

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