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11 tips for making the perfect A2/A2 all-butter pie crust

It’s definitely pie season. And, if you value the most delicious and nutrient-dense foods, you’re likely making (or are interested in making) your own pie crusts at home. Pie crust can be a little finicky. That’s why I put together an A2/A2 Einkorn All-Butter Pie Crust Recipe for you plus 11 tips for success.

What is meat washing? What are the natural options for natural processors?

Meat washing doesn't mean putting T-bone steaks in the washing machine. It's when an antimicrobial agent is sprayed on meat. The USDA has a 41-page list of allowed antimicrobials, and our processors use the most natural sprays - organic apple cider vinegar and certified-for-organic citric and lactic acids. This is a complicated issue that comes down to choice.