Is your raw cheese actually raw? Or has it been greenwashed? READ MORE HERE
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Do we vaccinate our animals? It's not a simple answer. Here's the honest truth.

One of the top customer questions we get is, “Do you vaccinate your animals?” I wish the answer was simple. I wish it was a direct yes or no, but it’s more complicated than that. We do not routinely vaccinate our animals, but it has happened in the past. Learn more about the situations where we vaccinated, our vaccine plan for the future, the conventional vaccine recommendations for livestock, some considerations for injection vs digestion.

The chemical spill in East Palestine, OH is awful. Was our farm affected?

Have you heard about the chemical spill in Palestine, OH? It’s really just awful. My heart goes out to the families and farmers and wildlife and soil in the affected areas. We’ve gotten a slew of emails from customers wondering if our farm was affected. And rightly so! I mean, how can we produce the most natural, highest quality food if our land is contaminated? We did some research, and here's what we found.

Myoglobin. Reduce waste & increase your pet's health at the same time!

The best pet food that you’ve probably never heard of is called myoglobin. You see it frequently - it’s the red, pink, or purple liquid that pools in the bottom of the bag when you thaw out a piece of meat. It’s often mistaken for blood, but it’s actually an incredibly important nutrient - for both you and your pet. Learn more about what myoglobin is and the benefits of feeding it to your pet.

Why a raw food diet for dogs and cats may be the best

Domesticated dogs and cats are descendants of wild animals and haven't had time to evolve to eat cooked foods or starchy ingredients. However, processed canned and dried foods have become the norm. Let's explore how a raw diet may benefit your pet and ways to start introducing more bioavailable foods into your dog's or cat's meals.