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Can you (or should you) compost packaging? Avoid chemicals or save the world?

Chemicals will continue to exist whether we like it or not. It’s who is exposed and when that’s the question. Let's explore packaging, where it composts, and whether you're comfortable keeping it near your home or pushing it far away. We live in a grossly imperfect world. Although we try to be as natural as possible, chemical exposure is not an “if”. It’s a “when” and “how much” situation.

Honest disclosure - we're not perfect and neither are our products.

At Miller’s Bio Farm, transparency is paramount. We have nothing to hide and everything to learn and share. I try my best to live a natural life, but I cannot avoid the fact that I’m surrounded by an increasingly unnatural world. It’s similar when producing natural foods. The farm does its best, but it’s still surrounded by a conventional food world. We’ll be adding an honest disclosure to any products that...