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Why spring grass milk is the most healthy, creamy, yellow, and delicious.

Ahhhh, spring grass fed milk. It’s just the best milk of the entire year. You can see that it’s yellower and creamier. You can taste its full flavor and earthiness. In your gut, you just know that this milk is good for you. It’s simply the best. With modern testing, we can quantify that we’re not crazy for believing this or feeling this within our bodies. It’s scientifically true. Spring grass fed milk is the healthiest milk. Let’s explore.

No mRNA vaccines for our animals. What livestock vaccines are required anyway?

We do not and will not use mRNA vaccines for our animals. For the most part, vaccines in livestock and poultry are recommended, NOT required. It’s a choice. That being said, vaccines in food, especially mRNA vaccines, is definitely something to be concerned about in the future. Let's take a look at animal vaccine development, new legislation, and new techy terms as we move out of the Wild West of vaccine policy.

How to hydrate better than water? Milk! It's kind of a super food.

Staying hydrated plays a key role in your overall health. Looking at a study from 2016, it seems that milk tops the charts for being the best drink for staying hydrated because it has so much energy within. When you take into considerations the growing practices to produce that milk, 100% grass-fed, regeneratively farmed milk comes out on the tippity top!

How raw local honey can help curb seasonal allergies.

Natural “exposure therapy” in treating allergies can be quite effective. And, that means that eating the right raw honey can help you curb seasonal allergies. Let's dive into what an allergy is, how seasonal allergies and pollen are related, and what to look for when purchasing honey to help with allergies.

Do we vaccinate our animals? It's not a simple answer. Here's the honest truth.

One of the top customer questions we get is, “Do you vaccinate your animals?” I wish the answer was simple. I wish it was a direct yes or no, but it’s more complicated than that. We do not routinely vaccinate our animals, but it has happened in the past. Learn more about the situations where we vaccinated, our vaccine plan for the future, the conventional vaccine recommendations for livestock, some considerations for injection vs digestion.

The chemical spill in East Palestine, OH is awful. Was our farm affected?

Have you heard about the chemical spill in Palestine, OH? It’s really just awful. My heart goes out to the families and farmers and wildlife and soil in the affected areas. We’ve gotten a slew of emails from customers wondering if our farm was affected. And rightly so! I mean, how can we produce the most natural, highest quality food if our land is contaminated? We did some research, and here's what we found.