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Is yolk color is no longer a great indicator of the egg's nutrition?

It used to be true that, if your egg yolks were darker in color, then the better the egg's nutrition. Conscious consumers of the past would look for that deep orange yolk and stray away from lighter yellow yolks. It's sad, but this simply isn't the case anymore. Here's why you can't trust cheap store-bought eggs with orange yolks and need to know your farmer instead.

Our beliefs may vary, but we have a common cause - real ethical food!

I believe that the real problem in the world today is polarization of thought. I wanted to let you know that, at Miller's Bio Farm, everyone is welcome. We respect all viewpoints. We provide you with lots of info and opinions and let you decide for yourself. That being said, there's one thing Miller's people all have in common: We all support real ethical food!

Methane from certain cows is a threat, not cows raised on good soil.

Let's focus on a very small part of this conversation: methane, the biggest reason climate change activists have for vilifying cows. Contrary to what most climate activists say, the methane problem isn't about the cow itself, it's about how it's raised. As it's said, "It's the how, not the cow." It's all about the concentration of a living microorganism called methanotrophs, always present in healthy regenerative soi.

Behind the scenes of milk safety and our e. Coli scare last week.

Last week, we had an e. Coli scare. Gasp! Please don’t freak out. It was a FALSE positive, and we kinda knew it would be like that. But, that didn’t mean that our farm world wasn’t turned upside down because of it. Here’s what happened. Get a behind the scenes look at how food safety works on a farm like ours and the length we go to be a reliable source for the highest quality foods.

How to know if there's chlorine on your chicken

You may already be privy to the fact that it is standard procedure for chickens to take a chlorine bath when being processed. 97% of chickens processed in USDA facilities are bathed in chlorine - even certified organic farms and their processors do it.

Should I choose animal rennet or vegetable rennet in my natural cheese?

Let’s take a look at what rennet is and why it’s used in cheesemaking, compare the different types of animal and vegetable rennets, check out the labeling requirements for rennet, and consider the potential health consequences. Keeping all this in mind, Miller’s Bio Farm aims to produce the most nutrient-dense, natural, A2/A2 cheese we can and gives you all the info you need to make the choice that’s best for your body!

What does your skin, yogurt, and lactic acid have to do with each other?

When I hear the word “lactic acid”, I immediately think about dairy and fermentation. I don’t generally think about skin… but now I am! I’ve used yogurt and kefir in face masks before, but I was doing it for the probiotics. Since your skin is the largest organ on your body, having a good microbiologic balance is so important. But now, I have another reason – lactic acid!!! Read on for more info about lactic acid, yogurt, and using it on your skin.

The Art of Fermentation: Exploring the Health Benefits of All-Natural Salami

Our recent venture into crafting all-natural salami has been an inspiring journey filled with discoveries and a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of fermentation. Today, let's delve into the captivating aspects of salami fermentation, explore the remarkable health benefits it offers, and uncover the intriguing colors of mold that add to its allure.